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Do you need new air conditioning installation? Not sure how to add air conditioning to your central heating system? Maybe your old air conditioning system has failed, and you're looking for a reliable contractor to install new equipment. Then stop by here and find out about our great deal. The main thing to remember is that we'll always agree with you. We propose the best and most qualified a/c installation.

Before we get to the specific offer for air conditioning installation, you should know that our company specializes in replacing and installing refrigeration equipment. We have been providing installation services to other A/C companies for a long time and therefore can offer the best price on the market. When you pick up the bits, don't forget to ask about our A/C installation price.

Trane A/C Installation in Westpark Ductless air conditioning installation in Turtle Rock, Irvine

Which Can We AC Install

The whole gas/electric central systems Evaporator coils Outside A/C condenser Ductless mini-splits Heat pumps Downflow or side discharge packages Swamp coolers Refrigerant line set Primery and secondary drain line High and low electric current connection Attic fans

What Guarantees are Provided for A/C Replacement

There are no miracles. If properly installed and adjusted, your new air conditioning system will work correctly and for a long time. HVAC Experts® professionals have installed more than five thousand new air conditioners. In addition, our company performs additional quality control on installations to ensure that all state licensing agency requirements are met. Because of this, we can provide an extended warranty on the equipment we install until the end of its useful life.


Best Offers

$5999 Full System


$4490 AC System


$3990 Mini Splits


$6590 Package Rooftop


$3790 AC Condenser

License CA #1012417

A/C Replacemnt Deals Include

Are you tired of scammers or simply unreliable partners? Don't worry, we work at no extra charge. We offer you a fair deal and, like real gentlemen, we will include everything in it. However, we will indicate the following information on the invoice. Parts replaced:

Equipment Installation Parts Delivery Disposal

A/C Brands That We Install

How Long Does It Take?

Central HVAC - 8 hours AC System - 6 hours AC Condencer - 4 hours

Installation Requirements

The installation instructions contain all the basic requirements for correctly installing new equipment. The list includes all factors affecting the future air conditioning system's performance. At the same time, our installer pays attention to all details, from the outdoor unit's foundation to the air ducts' insulation and refinement. We pay special attention to the connection to electricity and gas.

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We Can Offer a Lifetime Warranty

Money Back Guarantee

We do not doubt the quality of your installations, and we are sure that you will not need our services, such as refunds. Nevertheless, for your complete peace of mind, we are willing to offer it.

Customer Alert!

Over the last few years, there has been an increase in cases when Irvine residents fell for the tricks of unscrupulous air conditioner installers, agreed to cooperate with them, and ended up with non-working equipment after a few years. And now, such a client calls and asks for help because he can not find unscrupulous contractors, and it is boiling at home. This is a challenging situation; in any case, you can even lose the factory warranty. Beware of outright cheap and costly offers.

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