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The life of your furnace also depends on your exhaust vent. All new furnaces have exhaust motors, meaning they overheat and become unusable if the exhaust pipe is faulty. We can also relocate the exhaust pipe, remove it altogether for lack of use, and change the parts of the exhaust vent on the roof, such as the flashing and cap. Or isolate and fix the roof exhaust vent. This is a hazardous job, so only roofers and HVAC service are usually taken on for it.

Roof vents are pipes that protrude outward and allow gases in the kitchen and bathroom to escape to the outside. Although vents are necessary and balance air exhaust and air intake, the watertight seals around vents can become damaged over time due to excessive heat, cold, or wind.

What Types Exhaust Vent Do We Serve?

Sheet Metal Asbestos
Heater Exhaust Vent Service in Irvine Roof Furnace Vents Sealant


$99 Off exhaust pipe relocation

$99 Off new exhaust installation

$59 Off exhaust vent replacement

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